What is a KETER Class A Classification?Edit

Scp foundation keter (class A) symbol warning

Keter Class A hazard Sign

The designation "Keter Class A" is assigned to subjects that both:

(a) display extreme, active hostility to pony life, civilization, and/or space-time, and

(b) are capable of causing a uncontrollable XNeigh end-of-world  in the event of a containment breach.

Such subjects must be cataloged, contained according to special containment procedures and, if possible, destroyed.

A "Keter Class A" classification indicates that not only is this subject capable of inflicting EXTREMELY devastating harm to pony life, civilization, and the world, they can cause an uncontrollable XNeigh end-of-world event.

Because of that, their containment protocols must be extensive, involved, and MUST be followed in order to prevent them from doing so.

Research into the neutralization of "Keter Class A"  SCPs is always an extremely top priority for the Foundation.

Cases where Keter Class A-class objects that can be neutralized by Foundation personnel persist in Foundation custody are rare, and are grouped into three main categories.

In addition to cases where destruction of the object continues to be unfeasible due to apparent invulnerability or a similar circumstance.

They are to be kept in high security sites away from any inhabited country. If possible at Site ## on the moon.

The majority of "Keter Class A" SCPs aren't sentient, and most are inanimate objects.

This status may change as research and discovery continues.

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