How is this SCP "SAFE?"Edit

The designation "Safe" is assigned to subjects or objects that may be effectively and reliably contained.
Scp foundation safe symbol warning by lycan therapy-d4v0w1t

Safe Symbol

Safe designates may have individual containment procedures, but these procedures are not expected to fail frequently, or be subject to later revision as more information is obtained about a subject.

Some Safe designates are pony, creatures, and/or sentient. To prevent injury and/or death to personnel and SCPs, interaction with such designates should be professional and courteous, taking into account special containment procedures.

It should be noted that Safe does not indicate that the containment procedures are unnecessary.

Many Safe designated objects can be quite dangerous in the right contexts.

The important distinction that defines a Safe object is that it can be handled safely with appropriate containment procedures.

An example of a Safe object would be a gun, a Rainnuke weapon, or cupcakes.

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