Audio feed from the office of Dr Twilight - 12:40 ##/##/2013Edit

Dr Twilight - Pull my hoof

[RETRACTED] pulls her hoof 

[RETRACTED] is heard.

Dr Twilight:

It did sound a little wet, there didn't it?

Right at the end!

Oooh! Heh heh heh.

Let's have a smell, all right?

(a sound of flapping wings is heard)

That could gag and kill SCP-005-C!!

Even stink would say that stinks!

You know when you go into a SCP facility and you smell the cooking from the canteens on each floor and you go

"What are they cookin'?"

That, plus crap!

(The sound of [RETRACTED] fainting to the floor due to the smell of [RETRACTED ] is heard)


- Dr Twilight's [RETRACTED] should be designated a KETER(Class A).

With a smell like that, if it gets super massive, it'll cause a Category XNeigh end-of-world snariro. - DR [Retracted]

- denied. I've smelt it when [RETRACTED] came through the air vents in sector #. SCP-[RETRACTED]'s is much worse than that.  

Anyway, it causing a Category XNeigh end-of-world snariro? Not likely.- Torchwood -5