Item: EHARM-2 AKA "Orbital Friendship Cannon" or OFC

EHARM-2 Mark 2

Class: SAFE


  •  Developed by Princess [RETRACTED]
  • Weight: 2,500 Metric Tons
  • Clearance Required to access: Royal

Weapon Details:Edit

The EHARM-2 is statistically superior to ANY weapon known to Equestrian Science.

Only the EHARM-1 Rifle is nearly as advanced as the EHARM-2.

The EHARM-2 maximum damage begins to drop at 130,000 KM and ends at 200,000 KM.

The EHARM-2's extreme firepower can completely destroy XNeigh end-of-world Causers or equivalent hazard "Evil Doers".

The EHARM-2 is powered by an SCP-022 Core with a 1 Trillion EHARM [DATA XSPONGED] Pre-Fire Chamber with a reserve of 3 Trillion EHARM [DATA XSPONGED] energy in the form of storage capacitors.

The EHARM-2 Firing sequence can only be activated by Princess [RETRACTED] at this time.


EHARM-2 could be used against:

"[EXPLETIVE] you guys, our ion cannon is still badass." - Dr. Malikov - Site-30

Firing Sequence TimelineEdit

Seconds Event in EHARM-2 Firing Sequence
0 Princess [RETRACTED] starts sequence
0.25 Power starts to transfer from SCP-022 core to the Pre-Fire Chamber

Target is being acquired by the EHARM-2 targeting systems

0.75 Pre-fire at 25% Charged (Abort option Available) 
1 Target Acquired by EHARM-2

Pre-fire at 50% Charged (Last chance to use Abort option)


Pre-fire at 75% (Abort Option Cancelled)


Pre-fire at 100%


Firing Emitter glows with [DATA XSPONGED] energy


EHARM-2 fires


Target Loved and Tolerated with over 1 Trillion EHARM of energy

4 Pre-fire chamber discharged
4.2 Excess energy from pre-fire is transferred to reserve capacitors

Pre-fire chamber purged

4.7 Ready to fire (Stand by)
5 Confirmation sent to [DATA XSPONGED]