This is an Log of experments with SCP-009Edit

Test Log Format:Edit

Tests involving SCP-009-1 are listed as such:


Color of Spectra produced:

Results of mixed [RETRACTED] of SCP-009:


Who conducted Experiment:

Experment Log

Experment 1:Edit

Subject: One ton of oranges (Fruit)

Spectra Color:Orange (DUH....)

Results of Mixed [RETRACTED]: The [RETRACTED] had a faint orange smell.

Notes: [RETRACTED] rejected by site RF Q&A department.

Who conducted Experiment: Dr Orange [RETRACTED]

Experment 2:Edit

Subject: 950 Gallons of [REDACTED] Whiskey

Spectra Color:Brown

Results of Mixed [RETRACTED]:When the [Redacted] came out it was completely normal even though it smelt slightly of apples.

Notes: A D-class drunk the Spectra and was plastered in 10 seconds flat and breathing rainbow coloured fire..

Who conducted Experiment: Dr Sparkle(Under the supervision of T-5)

Experiment 3Edit