Timeline of incident-[RETRACTED]-STYLE-XXXXEdit

19:00 Birthday Party of SCP-XXXX has started

1901 Guests and personnel sing SCP-XXXX "happy brithday"

1902 Disco controlled by "Pony Dragon" starts

1947 Song "[RETRACTED] Style" plays

1949 Dr Sparkle did "[RETRACTED] Style" Dance on SCP-XXXX's lap

1950 It annoys SCP-XXXX. The warning signs were not noticed due to Dr Sparkle blocking their view of SCP-XXXX

1951 SCP-XXXX entered #### state and went on a killing spree

1953 KIB (killed in Breach)  ## guests 

2005 Restrained by M374L-G34R-P0NY and tranqulized

2010 SCP-XXXX taken away for protocol [RETRACTED] while being restrained by M374L-G34R-P0NY

2040 SCP-XXXX returns and apolizes for the KIB's she's done.

2041 Dr Sparkle was thrown out of the party by M374L-G34R-P0NY and she ended up in coolant pool ##.

Aftermath of incidentEdit

The bodies were taken away and burned as per protocol.

Letters of condolences were sent to their families. The song "[RETRACTED] Style" has been permanently banned from all SCP Foundation facilities. - Torchwood -5


"Pony Dragon"Edit

WTB? I didn't know that "[RETRACTED] Style" dance would [RETRACTED] SCP-XXXX off enough to enter #### state!

If I knew about that, I wouldn't of played that song.


Well, if Dr Sparkle wasn't so drunk on [RETRACTED] Daniels, she would of recognized the warning signs and backed off and we wouldn't have a SCP-XXXX-X on our hooves.

Torchwood -5Edit

[RETRACTED] - Torchwood -5