Items involved in IncidentEdit


  • SCP-019-1
  • SCP-009-10

Personnel: Dr Sparkle

Timeline of IncidentEdit

0800 Containment chamber of SCp-019 accessed and Dr Sparkle Enters

0801 He leaves the chamber carrying SCP-019-1

0820 She boards a plane to Site RF

0900 plane lands and she enters site.

0920 SCP-009-10 Safety zone door opened by Dr Sparkle.

0925 Door closes

0930 sensors detect unusal magic surge in SCP-009-10 zone

0931 SCP-009-10 explodes in a massive [DATA XSPONGED] mushroom cloud made of magical bass energy and [DATA XSPONGED].

0940 Site emergency evac protocols activated

0941 [DATA LOST]

Audio recording taken at 0930 in SCP-009-10 safety areaEdit

"EAT BASS [DATA XPONGED]!" - Dr Sparkle before blasting SCP-019-1 beam through SCP-009-10.

Aftermath of incidentEdit


  • near termination of SCP-009
  • vats SCP-009-1 to SCP-009-9 suffer near breach damage
  • facility 85% damaged
  • [data xsponged] reactor nearly went into meltdown due to damage to the electomag [DATA XSPONGED] containment systems


200 personel killed in SCP-009-10 explosion

100 major injuries

50 serious spectra burns

25 minor injuries