'Incident Report 2001-860': Edit

when subject had located the exit of SCP-860-1, Torchwoods-4 & -5 were immediately ambushed by SCP-860-2. Torchwood-5 suffered severe lacerations to the chest but remains alive.

Torchwood-4 was slightly concussed and had to be escorted from SCP-860-1.

Both units received medical care and are now refit for active duty. SCP-2001 was never touched by SCP-860-2.


Much like every other SCP (aside from 682 for obvious reasons) 860-2 avoided SCP-2001 until she left the boys’ company. I regret to inform but I am inconclusive as to how she is powerful enough to do this'' – Dr. Malikov

If you want I could take her out of your hands Doctor. ''– Dr. Clef