Meeting With SCP-M3T4L-G34R-P0NY and "Pony Dragon"Edit

This meeting was held in "Pony Dragon"'s Office at #### on ##/##/2013.


Meeting transpript:Edit

Pony Dragon: Good morning SCP-M3T4L-G34R-P0NY.

SCP-M3T4L-G34R-P0NY: I prefer Ray.

Pony Dragon: Ok Ray, what can i do for you?

SCP-M3T4L-G34R-P0NY: I want to tell you how SCP-2682 came into our possession.

Pony Dragon: i thought that was classified at the highest level.

SCP-M3T4L-G34R-P0NY:It is but, i need to tell somepony. I know you are the correct security clearance to hear my story.

Pony Dragon: Ok. Let's hear it.

*Metal hooves are shuffling on the floor*

SCP-M3T4L-G34R-P0NY: It's hard to say.

Pony Dragon: Why?

SCP-M3T4L-G34R-P0NY:It involves Torchwood -6 and a Keter Class A SCP.


SCP-M3T4L-G34R-P0NY: Yep. That bad.

Pony Dragon: I'm calling Torchwood -5 in to hear this too.

*"Pony Dragon" is on the phone for 10 seconds before a cantering of hooves is heard before skidding to a halt and a slamming of an office door*

Torchwood -5: What is this to do with Torchwood -6?

Pony Dragon: Take a seat and Ray will tell us.

  • a scraping of a chair is heard as Torchwood -5 sits down*

Torchwood -5:Ok. Ray, begin.

SCP-M3T4L-G34R-P0NY:Thank you.

*A sigh is heard*

As you aware, I had to attend a containment breach of SCP-2001-B and SCP-682-P-B.

I was awoken from my sleep cycle by my emergency site klaxon and I engaged my weapon systems before leaving my quarters.

I was told that SCP-682-P-B was in sector ## and I went to engage SCP-682-B.

When i arrived at sector ##, i found that SCP-682-B and SCP-2001-B were erm....

Torchwood -5: well, go on....

SCP-M3T4L-G34R-P0NY:Making foals.....

Torchwood -5: HOLY [DATA XSPONGED]

SCP-M3T4L-G34R-P0NY: I tranqulized them both before recontainment teams came to take SCP-2001-B for Proceedure [RETRACTED].

I followed protocol for SCP-682-P and recontained him in a temp. cell. He had a massive [DATA XSPONGED] and dripping [DATA XSPONGED]

After the meeting:Edit

SCP-M3T4L-G34R-P0NY was awarded the "DOUBLE CONTAINMENT" medal by Torchwood -5 and told to keep SCP-2682 out of O5's knowege.