What is Proceedure  5UNR153-M0770K and why is it there?Edit

Proceedure 5UNR153-M077OK was devoloped by Princess [RETRACTED] in case of her death.

This was included in a royal letter accomping SCP-004.

Proceedure 5UNR153-M0770KEdit

Proceedure 5UNR153-M0770K is divided in to two Stages.

Stage 1:Edit

  1. SCP-004 is to be removed from storage and taken to Emergency Site ## for Proceedure 5UNR153-M0770K.
  2. SCP-004 is to be placed on an alicorn who has been chosen by Princess [RETRACTED]'s sister. (this Alicorn will be known as SCP-004-1).
  3. SCP-004 will wipe the SCP-004-1's mind and cutie mark.

Princess [RETRACTED]'s memories will be transfered and cute mark will appear on SCP-004-1.

Stage 2:Edit

  1. SCP-004-1 will be tested on Equestrian history and memories of Princess [RETRACTED].
  2. SCP-004-1 will replace Princess [RETRACTED] as ruler of Equestia and rasing the [RETRACTED]. 
  3. SCP-004 will be returned to storage after the completion of Proceedure 5UNR153-M0770K.