Protocol Zeta-3': Edit

in the event of SCP-2001 enters a Beta stage transformation within Site-30 any on-site personnel must contain her in a temporary re-containment cell within the south-east wing emergency chamber.

The process is simple;

One: Deactivate the ELO-IID magnets and activate the sites internal PA system to play the file ‘imsorry.mp3’

Two: await SCP-2001s arrival.

Three: once inside, activate psychic dampeners and await her screaming to cease.

Four: stand-by for a heads up from Torchwood-1. After this point, SCP-2001 is free to be release.

Only I am authorised to allow her release. If Isaiah starts yelling in your ears to let her out when she starts screaming her life out knock him out and await my instructions!

 – Cmdr. Grey

Image left by SCP-2001-B over 95% of times after process four of containment.

Image currently does not correspond with any symbol in the Foundation database.

                I’m going to shut up now. – Torchwood-5