Sign in N0 F00D Zone

 Item: SCP-003

Class: Keter


SCP-003 are known as "Parasprites".

SCP-003 are insect like creatures whose voracious appetites and rapid reproduction rates turn them from pets to pests.

They were captured by [RETRACTED] leader of the MTF unit "Cookie Cutters" by playing what he calls "Parasprite Polka"

They were lead to Containment Facility ## for transfer to Site ## for permanent containment.

Special Containment Procedures:Edit

SCP-003 are to be kept in a locked container at all times.

There will a 400 foot area around the containment area. This is called the "N0 F00D" zone.

Any pony will be given a thorough search for food before being allowed past the "N0 F00D" zone security checkpoint.

Emergency Protocols:Edit

See Document SCP-003-CB for procedures.

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