SCP 003 Containment Breach Emergency Proceedures:Edit

In event of an SCP-003 containment breach, the facility PA will announce

"WARNING! SCP-003 CONTAINMENT BREACH" and a klaxon will sound.

Alert Stages:Edit

Stage 1:Edit

The "N0 F00D" zone isolation doors will seal shut and DR. Parasprite will be summoned to herd them back into the containment cell.

Stage 2:Edit

All access points to food storage areas will sealed off by SCP-003 Proof doors and all vents and access doors beyond the "N0 F00D" zone security checkpoint will be sealed.

Stage 3:Edit

The tunnel to the sector that studies SCP-003 will be explosively sealed from the rest of the facility.

Stage 4:Edit

The SCP-003 sector's Alpha warhead will be armed and detonated by DR Parasprite

Why so Strict emergency Proceedures??Edit

If any SCP-003 escape the facility and breed at an uncontrollable rate, it will cause an XNeigh end of world Scenorio if not recontained..