What to do during a SCP-005 Breach?Edit

Stay calm and follow instructions by containment personnel.

Alert StagesEdit

Containment breach protocols are done in 4 stages.

They are described below.

Stage 1.Edit

A klaxon will sound before an announcement will be made over the facility PA. "WARNING! SCP-005 CONTAINMENT BREACH!" and all the SCP-005 "N0-L0V3" zone isolation doors will close.

If SCP-005 manages to get out of the "N0-L0V3" zone before the isolation doors mangage to seal the sector off, the facility will goto stage 2

Stage 2.Edit

Spray Can

Standard can of SCP-005-C Bug Spray

All personel will be issued with SCP-005-C bug spray

This spray is very effective in terminating intances of SCP-005-C.

If this fails the facility will goto  stage 3.

Stage 3:Edit

All tunnels to the SCP-005 facility is explosively sealed.

If no report of "All clear" is not recieved by O5 personel, the facility will goto stage 4

Stage 4:Edit

All personnel are now "Expendable". The Alpha warhead will be detenated and the facility will buried permantly.