Disccusion With SCP-005-H and "Pony Dragon"Edit

This meeting was held in her containment chamber at #### on ##/##/2013.

Meeting transpript:Edit

Pony Dragon: Good morning SCP-005-H.

SCP-005-H: I prefer Crissy. It seperates me what you call SCP-005

Pony Dragon: Ok. Crissy, i have a propossition for you.

One of the Scienctists at site 30 have requested to use SCP-005-C-H as D-class replacements.

SCP-005-H: D-Class? SCP-005-C-H?

Pony Dragon: D-class means dispossable class. they are used for dangerous SCP's.

SCP-005-C-H are the humanoid versions of SCP-005-C

SCP-005-H: You're telling me that some twisted [DATA XPONGED], whats to use my children (SCP-005-H-C) for D-Class replacements?

Pony Dragon: yep.

SCP-005-H: You can tell that [DATA XPONGED] to goto hell.

Pony Dragon: I guessed that was going to be your anwser.

SCP-005-H: Leave now or I'll feast on your love.

Pony Dragon: I can't do that. I'm sure we can agree on something.

*SCP-005-H prepares to feed on my love*

SCP-005-H: like what?

Pony Dragon: How about we enlarge your containment cell and move all current SCP-005-C-H in with you.

SCP-005-H: Sounds intresting. Go on....

Pony Dragon: You could threaten any naughty SCP-005-C-H that they will be given to the Foundation as D-class personnel and sent to site 30 for D-class duties.

SCP-005-H: An inlarged containment chamber, big enough to make a hive????

Pony Dragon: That's what I'm proposing..

SCP-005-H: Very tempting offer with a solution that'll sattisfy's both parties.

Pony Dragon: What is your anwser?

SCP-005-H: I accept

After Meeting:Edit

The meeting concluded with her feasting on some of my love and we shook hands in agreement.