Class: SAFE

Containment Procedures:Edit

SCP-011 is to be kept in Dr. Bright Twilight's office fridge at all times.

The fridge will have a keypad lock on which the code is changed daily by Dr. Bright Twilight.

SCP-011 will only be given at the receipt of a correctly filled in form SCP-011-1.


SCP-011 is an energy drink made by Dr. Bright Sparkle in response to SCP-682-P's repeated containment breaches.

There are currently two hundred and forty (240) cans in containment at this time.

Dr. Twilight's Description:Edit

"SCP-011 is fulla Sonic Rainnuke radiation, which contains high concentration of love and tolerance which as we all know is pretty great for givin' ponies superpowers."

Analysis of SCP-011:Edit

Assuming the contents of SCP-011 are as advertised – the drink is said to contain several hundred times the daily recommended amount – the can of SCP-011 would weigh at least 9 kg/about 20 lbs.

How this is put into a standard SCP-011 can and weigh the same as a can of normal soda is under a lot of debate by SCP scientists.

Dr. Twilight is mute about how he does it. All she says on the subject is: "It just takes a little patience and magic"


Upon consumption, SCP-011 provides invincibility from most incoming damage to the drinker for 2 minutes.

Vicious attacks will not damage a drinker under the influence of SCP-011, but the drinker will still experience knockback due to Newton's 3rd law.


SCP-011 is never to be given to SCP-173, SCP-173-P or SCP-173-P-1.

The "Night of the Thousand Snaps" must not happen!


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