Item #: SCP-013

Object Class: Euclid/Pain in the [RETRACTED]


SCP-013 recovered by "Pony Dragon"

Special Containment Procedures:Edit

SCP-013 is to be kept in a high security storage locker in Site-23. The lock code is to be changed weekly by "Pony Dragon" and Torchwood-5.

SCP-013 is hazardous to personnel, and should not be fired AT ANY PERSONNEL!

Personnel exposed to SCP-013 are to be kept under medical observation for 24 hours.


SCP-013 resembles a small laser pistol from the game [RETRACTED]  2.

When fired at organism possessing sex chromosomes, the object changes both the genetic and the physical sex of the entire organism.

This Happens in 3 Stages:Edit

Stage 1:Edit

This lasts approximately 0.2 seconds, the object forms a bond with the cells that it touches and induces an unknown chemical change.

Stage 2:Edit

This lasts approximately 2 seconds, the item emits a low-energy wave that travels through the body.

This causes a complex protein interaction that changes the chromosomes of the organism to those of the opposite sex.

3rd and final stage:Edit

This stage lasts around 20 seconds, the item emits another wave that causes cells in the body and the peripheral nervous system to change to a unique variation of partially-differentiated stem cells.

Upon returning to normal pony tissue, the subject will be physically altered to the opposite gender.

This change only lasts one day; after which the subject is returned to normal.


When the object is fired at an asexual organisms or inorganic material, it begins the process, but stops at the first stage.

The process of transformation has been described as excruciatingly painful.

The initial bonding process causes tissue damage similar to third-degree burns, penetrating into subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue in rare cases.

The "wave" described in the second stage causes extreme nausea and vomiting, along with feeling similar to burning across the skin and through internal organs.

Restructuring of the nervous system causes intense stimulation of all sensory nerves, including those that transmit pain and sexual arousal.

Note that there is a significant risk of [DATA EXPUNGED] after multiple exposures.


SCP-013 must be recovered from Princess [RETRACTED] AKA "the terror of Equestria" AT ALL COSTS!

According to [REDACTED], the weapon's overall design has been used in the popular FPS [REDACTED]. The weapon does not exhibit any abnormal effects on players shot by and is considered a non-priority threat.

"I've got one in the game and nobody's gone in the chat [DATA EXPUNGED]. Fun weapon though." - Torchwood-5

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