Capture attempt of SCP-014 on ##/##/2013 - Report by Team "Dark Knights" leader "Pony Dragon"Edit

Me and my team was sent to capture her at the [RETRACTED] Forest  near the town of [RETRACTED].

We surrounded her and she smiled.

"So, who's first for a [RETRACTED]?" - SCP-014.

She grabbed [RETRACTED] and used her [DATA EXPONGED] in their [DATA XPONGED].

I could hear their pain and suffering but I couldn't do anything to save them.

When she was finished, she turned to me. I gulped and ran for my life.

I was lucky to get away with a SCP-013 gun and my mentality and [RETRACTED] intact.

Aftermath of Capture Attempt and [DATA XPONGED]Edit

The team members that were [DATA XPONGED] were recovered and given a phystrical assesment.

They despretely asked to be terminated. So it was done with great regret.

The team members that were terminated was bured with full Foundation Millitary honours.

Team Leader's words at their berialEdit

"We lost a few good ponies to her, they will be missed greatly and an it was an honour to work with them". - "Pony Dragon" at their berial.