SCP-014-PM AKA "The Terror of Equestria"

Class: KETER

Foundation's Description of Subject:Edit

Princess [RETRACTED] is the same size as Princess [RETRACTED] and has the same cutie mark.

The only difference between them is the mane and colours.

This SCP is a danger to all ponies in Equestria and the world.

SHE MUST BE CAUGHT AT ALL COSTS!  Beware, she may still have an SCP-013!


Some call me [RETRACTED]. Others call me Molly.

I like to call myself Big Sexy.

Worship my ass or be sent to the moon! " - SCP-014


Princess [RETRACTED] told us that "Molly" was born when she fought SCP-2011.

SCP-2011 hit [RETRACTED] with a spell that split her personality and created "Molly".

"Molly" was born somewhere near where [RETRACTED] and SCP-2011 battled. 

[RETRACTED] didn't know about "Molly" until ## years later when a spate of attacks of an [RETRACTED] nature happening all over Equestria caused a massive riot and the victims blamed Princess [RETRACTED] for them.

Princess [RETRACTED]'s sister spoke to the mob and told them that her sister was in the throne room the whole time the attacks were happening.

Princess [RETRACTED] contacted the Foundation to find out what is causing these attacks and capture it.

Special Containment ProceduresEdit

This pony is to be contained in a standard pony containment chamber with mirrored triple armoured glass. NOPONY IS ALLOWED IN HER CONTAINER! NO EXCEPTIONS!

If anypony is found in or near her container with class AM armour will be given a mandatory PSHQ assessment then a class A anesthetic.

If the pony is still "Disturbed" after the anesthetic, termination will be offered.

 In the Event of a Containment Breach:

See Document: SCP-014-CBRFYL

Capture Attempts:Edit



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