Item: SCP-016

Label on tank at site ##

Class: Keter


Buck a Cola is a carbonated soft drink sold in stores, restaurants, and vending machines throughout Equestria.

It is produced by [RETRACTED] company of [RETRACTED] and is often referred to simply as Coke (a registered trademark of [RETRACTED in the Equestria since March 27, 1944).

SCP-016 is a version of this drink made by [RETRACTED] but withdrew due to [DATA xponged] happening with ponies.

When mixed with 500ml of SCP-016 and [RETRACTED], the resulting explosion is equalivant to 500kg of ANFO.

Currently there is 230 gallons of SCP-016 kept at site ##.

Special containment Proceedures

SCP-016 is to kept in a secured refridgerated warehouse with a 92,000 volt primiter fence guarded by MTF "Coke Drinkers" disguised as warehouse security guards.

Access will only be granted by Torchwood-5. for testing.

Only a 500ml bottle can be used for testing marked with
Scp-016 container label

test container label

This bottle must be in the specially marked area on site ## before testin' begins.


"I'd just like to point out that i'm a slight Pyromaniac. So. . . yeah" - Torchwood-5