Item:SCP-017-D AKA "GAK"

Gak logo

SCP-017-D container Label


"Chystal Gak !

The Chystal Gak  is the incredible squishable, squeezable, squashable, stretchable, bounceable, ploppable, poppable stuff!

Once you pick it up, you won't want to put it down.

Gak's awesome "Splat" container lets you make all sorts of wacky sounds when you squish the Gak around.

Smoosh it, Twist it, Bubble It, Mix've got the knack for Gak!" - SCP-017-D Container.

SCP-017-D was made by Chystal Ponies when they were slaves to SCP-017.

It comes in every colour imaginable and experments have found out SCP-017-D is completely safe and addictive.

Parts of SCP-017-D:Edit

SCP-017-D - Container

SCP-017-D-1 - Chystal Gak substance

Sound recorded during experimentationEdit

"GAK, GAK, GAK," - SCP-017-D-1

Containment Proceedures:Edit

No containment proceedures are needed at this time.

SCP-017-D is currently being used at site ## Nursery.