Item: SCP-024

Class: SAFE

Containment ProceduresEdit

There are currently Two Hundred and Fifty (250) Cans in storage at this time.

They are to be kept in a fridge in "Pony Dragon" 's office with a keypad lock on it.

"Pony dragon" will only issue SCP-024 during SCP-XXXX containment breaches.


SCP-024 is a orange can labeled with the Foundation logo and the title "DRAGON FIRE! Speed Enhancer".


This was developed by [DATA XSPONGED] due to [DATA XSPONGED].

Basically, we couldn't catch SCP-xxxx and we needed a boost to catch the [DATA XSPONGED] before it escapes...

Effects of SCP-024Edit

The Effects of SCP-024 last for 4 hours.

Boosts include:Edit

  • speed (Your millage may vary!)
  • Thinking Speed

Side effects:Edit

  • Increase bowl speed


"Ok, who stole five (5) cans of SCP-024 from my office refridgator?"

Not even my office is safe...."- Pony Dragon