Chamber Signage

Object Class: KETER

Contained at Site D15C0RD

Special Containment Procedure:Edit

Subject's statue 'shell' is to be contained behind a 3 inch steel and telekill layered bulkhead door.

Containment Cell consists of two rooms: main chamber and bedroom. The walls will be made of tele-kill alloy with a 100 hooves outer layer made of a dragonioum telekill alloy.

Subject is remain under containment infedently due his "Mischeif".

Mischeif cased by subject was blamed on SCP-2011.

This subject was found near the incidents and contained as per SCP-2011 Proceedure.


Commonly referred to as ‘[RETRACTED],’ SCP-2011-A is a multiform Draconequus with the head of a horse, body of a dragon and tail of a snake.

This subject bears a resumblance to Torchwood -8 so we injected SCP-2011-A with a bio marker enclased in telekill alloy.

His right arm is that of lion with his left that of an eagle.

His left leg is that of a goat and right that of a lizard. He has a pegasi left wing and a bat right.

SCP-2011-A is extremely intelligent and is has been known to cause extreme mischief.

SCP-2011-A is also strong physically, being able to lift twice its own weight using its hands.

SCP-2011 bears many different abilities with his most common ability being spacial manipulation, he is also able to teleport to any desired location.

Discovery by Foundation PersonnelEdit

SCP-2011-A was found in sector ## of site ##

Subject at the time displayed docile behaviour before being approached by Foundation personnel.

When approached, subject immediately grabbed the neck of "Pony Dragon" and proceeded to strangle him.

SCP-M374L-G43R-P0NY was able to sedate SCP-2011-A before heavy damage was sustained.

Subject was later moved to Site-## and contained for assesment.

He was assesed as KETER and locked down as such.

Incidents caused before capture - These were orginally blamed on SCP-2011Edit

  • SCP-2011-A corrupting the computer systems of [RETRACTED]. This was recorded by the site security systems - SCP-2011-SONG

  • The duplication of SCP-682-P.(Now known as SCP-682-S)