Item #: SCP-239-P

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Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:Edit

SCP-239 is to be kept within a one room cell furnished with 1 (one) bed, 1 (one) EKG machine, and 1 (one) IV to be filled with pentobarbital mixed with [DATA EXPUNGED] to be refilled daily.

Under no circumstances is SCP-239-P to be removed from her containment area at any given time.

The walls of this cell are to be coated in a telekill-lead alloy.

Only Class 2 personnel are allowed any contact with SCP-239-P at any time.

All personnel guarding SCP-239-P's containment area are to be equipped with Telekill headgear (SCP-148). Subject's proper name is [RETRACTED].

Under absolutely no condition should the subject ever be awakened.

Any personnel found attempting to awaken the subject will be immediately terminated.


SCP-239-P appears to be an 8-year-old filly, 1 meter in height and ## kilograms in weight.

Subject has shoulder-length blue and purple mane. Upon closer inspection, the subject's eyes "shimmer" a gray-green shade.

Subject seems to emit a previously undiscovered form of magic radiation, which has been named ███████████.

These waves seem to be harmless in low concentrations but in higher concentrations they could break down matter on a subatomic level.


SCP-239-P came to to the attention of the Foundation very soon after her birth in █████████, ███████. Approximately three hours after subject's birth, ███████ █████ Hospital was destroyed by an unexplained explosion.

The press was informed that it was due to a gas leak.

SCP teams were dispatched shortly to search the site for any abnormalities.

The only living pony they were able to locate was SCP-239-P.

For the next eight years, the subject was raised under SCP care.

As of ████████ █, 20██, Subject is to be kept in a medically induced coma until further notice.

This decision was made by [DATA EXPUNGED].

SCP-239 is permanently contained in Site-17.