Incident SCP-682-P-FCEdit

SCP's involved: SCP-682-P

Item involved: One (1) standard [RETRACTED] brand firecracker and matches

Personel involved: DR Twilight.

The incident timeline:Edit

0800 - Dr Sparkle enters 682-P's container with standard [RETRACTED] brand firecracker.

0802 - Lights the firecracker before Dr Twilight runs out of the container and shuts the door.

0802:20 seconds - firecracker detonates.

0802:30 seconds - SCP-682-P enters Beta rage state and breaches containment.

0803 All MTF teams are deployed and all non MTF personnel evac to emergency bunkers.

0804 SCP-M3T4L-G34R-P0NY is summoned from his sleep cycle.

0805 MTF teams engage SCP-682-P-B while SCP-M3T4L-G34R-P0NY is on route . ## MTF personel are killed or seriously injured.

0820 MTF member SCP-M3T4L-G34R-P0NY attacks SCP-682-P-B.

0900 SCP-682-P-B was traqulized and contained in a high security cell.

0901 SCP-M3T4L-G34R-P0NY guards the cell while the SCP-682-P's containment cell is repaired.

0940 SCP-682-P returns to normal while under sedation.

1320 SCP-682-P is returned to normal containment cell.

1330 "All clear" issued before All personnel return to duties.


Who ever put Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance OST - Rules of Nature (MG RAY Boss theme) to the footage of

SCP-M3T4L-G34R-P0NY VS SCP-682-B and put on the company intranet titled "METAL GEAR BATTLE".

We will find out who you are. You won't be missed.....