Item: SCP-732-P
Scp 732 p sign by mlp team fortress 2-d6h0lv4

Chamber Signage

Class: KETER


SCP-732-P is an expert hacker with an unnatural affinity with computers.

He has been responsible for the EWS (Equestrian Wall Street) Crash, Incident SCP-732-P-CS Site RF, near-launch of the Equestrian Nuclear Arsenal, and many other computer system incidents.

Special Containment Procedures:Edit

SCP-732-P is currently contained at Site 30; but could escape due his skill at computer systems.

The last attempt on ##/##/2013 to contain him ended up in failure due to the unexplained failure of the security lock on the cell he was contained in.

SCP-732-P is to be contained in a standard pony containment chamber.

The locking system must be non-electronic and secured by a key.

This key is to be held by Dr. [RETRACTED], in charge of the containment of SCP-732-P.

No handheld computers or mobile phones are allowed within 500 Hooves from SCP-732-P's chamber.

This is a wireless zone. All wireless signals will be jammed in this area.