Class:SAFE/EUCLID (When Pissed off)


This pony is a mix of bio and machine parts.

He was built by the pony military for underwater exploration and influtration and attack of enemy territory.

The project was abandoned when an attack by SCP-005-C distroyed the lab.

SCP-M374L-G34R-P0NY is the only one of his kind.


  • Swimming
  • Any type of target practice
  • Flying
  • Making friends
  • Working for the SCP Foundation
  • Singing


This SCP can walk on two legs like a dragon.


95mm Hooves gunEdit

He can also fire 95mm rounds out of the front set of hooves while walking upright on his back legs.

The source of these are unknown.

Rounds include:Edit
  • Armour Pericing
  • Traqulizer
  • Medication

Back Mounted missile launchersEdit

The wings cover 2 missile launchers on it's back.

The missile's yeld depends on the situation and his mood.

Magic LaserEdit

He can also breath a laser made of extremely focused magic that cuts through ANYTHING!

Underwater survival skillsEdit

He can survive under water infedently without any oxygen supply.

He told us that his body converts CO2 (carbon Doxide) back into oxygen.

Also he can use the water he's swimming in as an energy source.

Containment ProceduresEdit

This SCP is to live in a standard pony containment cell that is bullet, magic, missile proof (1 MegaTon) and an 1230 hoof deep swimming pool that is 3000 hooves deep.

He is to feed a mix that is specified by O5 personel.

Addmendment 1.1Edit

SCP-M374L-G34R-P0NY has shown dedication to the SCP Foundation. He should join the MTF "COOKIE CUTTERS" - Doctor [RETRACTED]

Accepted - O1

Amendment 1.2=Edit

Founded MTF MG-1 "Metal swimmers"